About vpsFree.cz, z.s.

vpsFree.cz is a non-profit association founded in 2008 to host virtual private servers (VPS) for its members. The form of non-profit association means that every member has the right to participate and influence how it is run. This is in contrast to commercial hosting services where every customer has to respect hard rules or leave.

When our members see some things which could be done better or changed, they can get involved. Their activity is welcomed. This doesn't mean that companies or other organisations can't join us as well. Our structure can be very convenient for them too. We work together here and don't seek to profit off of each other.

Our organization has been founded as a direct reaction to inflexible services and exorbitant prices of commercial hosting services in the Czech Republic and the even worse situation in the Slovak Republic. Therefore we are trying to run our servers with more care than commercial providers and also with maximum transparency.

We do not hide anything, all the information about vpsFree.cz is public. We have a lot of communication channels – contact our community! We want our members as well as the public to have a transparent view of our organization.

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