Virtual server

CPU: 8 cores
RAM: 4096 MB
HDD: 120 GB
IPv6: 32×
Connectivity: 300 Mbps
Remote console
On-line support

NAS storage

In this age of cloud computing and moving data to datacenters you need a lot of disk space.

We offer 250 GB of network storage as a part of member benefits.

In the near future we plan to extend the capacity of storage up to 2 TB with the possibility of periodic backups.

Playground VPS

Playground VPSs are virtual servers with similar parameters as our standard virtual servers, but with a limited lifetime of one month. They run on different hardware in a different IP address space.

You can clone a production server into the playground if you want to try some configuration changes. You don't have to set up the playground VPS from the scratch.

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