Our team

Pavel Šnajdr

Pavel Šnajdr

Pavel Šnajdr is a founding member and head of the board of vpsFree.cz. He focuses on container virtualization, ZFS and enterprise linux distributions. He loves an open environment and  active people. He hates politicking instead of hard working.

Tomáš Srnka

Tomáš Srnka

Tomáš Srnka is a member of the board of vpsFree.cz from the beginning. He is interested in high availability and scaling. Besides technical interests he takes care of our economics.

Jakub Skokan

Jakub Skokan

Jakub Skokan is a programmer and system administrator. He develops our administration interface called vpsAdmin, our virtualization platform vpsAdminOS and other software projects. He takes care of our services and answers support queries.

Michal Janoušek

Michal Janoušek

Michal Janoušek is an active member since 2010 and his responsibilities are registrations, invoices and support. He loves Linux and the open environment in our community.

Petr Krčmář

Petr Krčmář

Petr Krčmář is editor-in-chief of Root.cz and he is working with Linux for over sixteen years. He loves open software and transparency all over the world. In vpsFree.cz he focuses on community and publicity.

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