Common questions

I forgot my login / password for vpsAdmin, what can I do?

Just contact our support team using the e-mail address registered in vpsAdmin. We will reset your password.

I want to run Windows server or another system on my VPS. Is it possible?

It is possible if you will enable full virtualization with KVM. We have a detailed manual.

I need more than one VPS. Is it possible?

Of course. Just contact our support team.

I need more RAM or HDD space. Can I get more of it?

The VPS resources can be only be doubled, trippled, etc., together with the membership fee. So for example you can have 8 GB RAM and 240 GB HDD or 12 GB RAM and 360 GB HDD for 2 or 3 times the membership fee respectively. This will also increase CPU cores to 16 or 24, respectively. Or you can increase just HDD space for 0.08€/GB.

Is it possible to get an invoice?

Please send your billing information to our support team and we will create an invoice for you. You must ask us every every billing cylce, by sending the request for an invoice in the payment reminder from vpsAdmin.

Can you setup for me a reverse DNS record for my IP addresses?

Contact support and we will set it up. You will find more info in our PTR manual.

What domain should I use in my reverse DNS record?

Read our manual about reverse DNS records and our manual for mail servers in our knowledge base.

Is it possible to extend the life of my Playground VPS beyond 30 days?

Please contact our support team.

I want to use my own kernel in my VPS, is it possible?

We use OpenVZ container technology. It means that all VPSs share one kernel with the host. If you really need your own kernel, you have to use full KVM virtualitazion.

Can I run Docker?

Yes, you can make it work with some restrictions using our detailed instructions.

Can I have a swap file?

We assign swap only if you need to install the Oracle database and then only for the installation. Oracle does not need swap after installation. Please contact support if you need it.

My VPS is not working, what can I do?

Subscribe to our outage-list where we notify about all planned and unplanned outages.

What if I will be late with a payment?

In that case please contact our support team and we will handle it. It is really important to write us in time, otherwise your membership might be suspended.

Can a company be a member?

Yes, it is possible. Just fill out the registration form for companies and include the name of the person who will manage the VPS and whom we can contact. Contact support if you will need an invoice.

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